Mar 07 2012

Just iPad

So the iPad announcement has come and gone and to me the new is more notable by what is missing than what is present.

Let’s grade the tech media on how well they did on projections:

Retina display-check
Better cameras-check
4G LTE- check
Faster processor with better graphic performance-check

Some other stuff as well, but the things that I thought were most telling were the things that disappeared.

The model number is gone.

Ceased to be. Expired and gone to meet its maker.Bereft of life, and shuffled off of this mortal coil. Like a parrot. A Norwegian Blue.

Well, you get the idea.

So it is just iPad. Sort of like Cher, or Seal or Cthulu. OK, strike that last one.

The other thing that is gone is the one that really surprised me.

3G wireless.

Gone. Finito. Its metabolic processes are now history. The 3G is no more.

I am not sure why this stuns me other than the fact that I had planned on buying an iPad(3…sic) with the 3G radio from the iPhone4s to make world traveling easier. Sort of a “one radio to roam them all” approach that would have me smiling in Germany, Japan and the US. Never to be caught betwixt the crosshairs of GSM and CDMA.

(After a bit of research I have realized the error of my assumptions. 3G global support but you have to choose a “flavor” of LTE support.)

I love the word betwixt!

Sorry, topical Jeff. Topical.

It does makes sense for Apple. As they push us toward the looming iCloud on the horizon speed of access will be one of their limiting factors. Now the stress factor will be finding some functional 4G in the next couple of weeks.

Now if the Apple online store would only come back up….

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