Jan 18 2012

Just Down the Street


One of the things about a trade show in Anaheim is the proximity to the mouse.

Staying at a hotel in the area means getting to see the electric excitement of a 6 year old going to the park the first time. Their eyes are so wide, and their pupils are so dilated from adrenaline that they look like a magic 8 ball.

It also means you get to see the resigned exhaustion of a parent on the third day of a park experience. The slumped shoulders and bags under their eyes marks the caffeine burnout that keeping up with that 6 year old requires.

The juxtaposition of these people with a batch of trade show attendees is very interesting. Actually, the body language is almost identical, it is just the uniform that changes.

Mouse ears or a trade show badge. Not much of a difference! To quote Goofy, “Gawrsh!”

So my goal would be to get to the last day of the trade show and get a picture of one of each type of burn out!

Any beta on which group will look more wiped out?

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