Apr 03 2012

Jorno Keyboard RIP

As anyone who has wasted any of their life on reading this site, I have one very serious addiction.

Keyboards. OK, well two addictions, bags and keyboards.

Well, maybe a couple more as well…but, once again, I digress.

Relative to that, the pre-order status date for the Jorno keyboard has come and gone and it appears that they have opted to kill the project. I got the following email from the company when I inquired:

Hi Jeff, thank you for your email. We just sent out an email to our pre-order customers with an update. We have decided to cancel the production of Jorno. However, we have been working on another bluetooth folding keyboard, NOMAD, that is now available. Please go to www.nomadstore.net for more information. Thank you!

Nomad Mobile

A quick jaunt to the Nomadstore reveals an OEM version of Verbatim keyboard I originally reviewed here.

The Nomad looks to be a nice keyboard and it is a significantly less challenging engineering feat than the Jorno would have been, so it will likely be much more dependable.

(update: I heard back from the company and the Nomad keyboard adds a couple of small features to the Verbatim. The biggest feature is the addition of SPP support in the keyboard’s Bluetooth stack which will greatly broaden the devices that the keyboard works with. If you tried the Verbatim with an Android phone (generally an epic fail) this may open up your opportunities again.)

Still…I would have loved to play with the folding mechanism…I longed to exercise its origami structure and dazzle those at meetings I attended with its intricate complexities.


Alas poor Jorno, we never knew you.


  1. Frank II

    This looks exactly like my Verbatim folding bluetooth keyboard. Why spend $99 for this when I can buy the Verbatim at Amazon for $60?

  2. Jeff Mac

    My thoughts exactly which is why I linked my original review of that piece. The original Jorno might have been worth $99….the “nomad” …not so much.

  3. Jeff Mac

    OK, just got a bit of clarification from the company. This version adds SPP support to the keyboard in addition to HID support so it should work with a wider range of devices.

    So, an iOS customer has no reason to spend the extra $ but an Android or Crackberry customer just might.

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