Aug 30 2011

iPhone Envy

Somebody actually gets it! To badly paraphrase a political turn of phrase, “It’s about the apps stupid!”

9to5mac has an article up today on iEmu, this is a Kickstarter project to get an emulator for iOS apps on nearly all platforms. This includes mobile OS’es like Android but also in desktop format for Mac, Windows and Linux.

The interesting thing about this will be how they handle interfacing with the app store and if Apple will do anything to block distribution of software to these emulated iOS devices.

The politics of this could get very dicey but there is power in expanding the software base of these apps across more platforms even through an abstraction layer like an emulator.

Also, only peripherally related but interesting, Sprint employees have been informed to “NO COMMENT” on questions of the release of the iPhone 5 on their network.

To quote the Bard, “Methinks thou doest protest too much!”

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