Jul 02 2011

iPad Browsing

Interesting article on 9to5mac about the rate of mobile web browsing.

The fad starter...

While 1 percent of all internet viewing being on the iPad does not seem like a big number, it is pretty impressive when you consider that the product did not exist 18 months ago. According to Wikipedia, over 15 million units have been sold at the point the iPad2 was released.

The quantity of computers on the internet is a number that is beyond my comprehension and the fact that the iPad is that prevalent and is growing on a daily basis is staggering.

To me this is truly an indicator of a seed change in the way the world looks at the web. After all, who really needs a full computer to do so, when the iPad is so capable for this kind of application.

I also wonder if these figures include the host of apps that don’t browse the web but pull the bulk of their content from the web.

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