Feb 10 2012

iOS Tops Mac OSX on the Web Meter

From the crew over at Cult of Mac there is a report that web traffic from iPhones and iPads now outpaces web activity from Mac OSX.

While this is not a surprise to me when I think about the ridonkulous number of iOS devices that are out there it is interesting to me that the stats on my pitiful little site do not bear that out…

The stats (which I am certain you have no interest in) bear out my obvious Mac bias (it is my name after all) being reflected in the people who choose to torture themselves by viewing my site!

43% are viewing from the Mac, just over 37% from the Windoze side and I would like to personally apologize to all 5 of the people who tried to view my site from a Symbian browser since the beginning of the year.

The second chart shows the iPhone making up only 1.7% of the people browsing my site and that might just be me looking at it! Android comes in at almost twice that amount!

What I cannot figure out is why my figures do not at least generally mirror those results from the referenced Cult of Mac study? I cover iPhone and iPad technology, I use both iPhone and iPad.

Whose methodology is flawed? I trust that if Google says that the majority of all of their searches come from iOS that must be true because they would FAR rather the truth be Android…or Chrome…or almost ANYTHING other than iOS.

Is my ISP delivering me flawed data? Are we being lied to about web trends? Is Elvis really dead? Will Marsha leave Jack? Should I even care?

So, you poor reader, what do you view my site on? Tablet? Phone? Laptop with XP? Enquiring minds want to know!

Of course, with only my Mom and my wife as a reader my data is probably pretty skewed anyway!

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