Feb 01 2014

iLuv JStyle Phone Wallet Review


Are you a back pocket phone toter?

No, it’s okay, I am not judging you. I have been there and done that.

In fact, I have a great solution for you. iLuv will bundle up your iPhone or Galaxy S4 in leathery goodness in their J Style wallet case.

The J Style is a book style case made of black leather with a subtle pattern on the outside. Opening up the case reveals three card slots and a windowed ID slot on the left hand side. There are two full height slots behind these card slots to allow you to store bills or other reasonably flat things.


The phone slides into a leather frame on the right side and is held in by a single tab of leather on the top right corner. The inside of this section is suede so it is not going to scratch your smart phone. While I was initially skeptical about the security of the single tab, the frame that holds the phone is snug enough I never had any issues with the phone sliding out.

There are cutouts on the back for the camera lens and along the sides and top for switches and buttons to remain exposed. The bottom is well exposed to give you access to the charging ports.

While the J Style does not seal in any way to stay closed, the case extends about a third of an inch past the edge of the phone. This helps protect the phone if (when) you drop it and keeps you from bashing it up.

The back of the case folds around behind when you want to talk on the phone. This felt weird the first time I did it but the leather softened up pretty quickly and made it smooth.

My only real complaint with the case is the bands of leather that go across the top edge of the case. Because they come fairly low, they make it a bit of a challenge to swipe down from the top of the phone display to get at the control panels.


The J Style case feels good, looks luxurious and hey, it smells like a new car! You can’t put a million cards in it, but you can put the important stuff in it and look really cool doing it.


iLuv J Style Wallet Case $69.99

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