Aug 16 2013

iBattz iPhone Battery Case Review

I am thrilled to be doing a guest post review for the Restless Tech blog today – especially as it gave me a chance to try out my first external charging case. I may technically be a Restless Tech offspring but today, you may call me Expert Technology Reviewer. I will be adding that title to my resume and email signature shortly.

The iBattz Mojo Battery case is available in a couple of different versions from the “Armor” version to the more slimline Vogue version that I looked at. The clever part is that the battery sled is the same across the platforms so that you can use the slim line cover or the tank style armor for the same battery pack.

I don’t want to give myself away too soon here (playing hard to get applies to technology too, right?), but I have to be honest – this case feels like a lifesaver. I don’t think I can throw in a superfluous ‘literally’ there, but over the past few months I have probably run out of gas at least once and would have otherwise had no communication to the outside world as my phone seems to be eternally on the brink of powering down. Previous to using this case, I could not make it through a 8-5 work day without my phone dying on the way home (please don’t let this affect your view of my work ethic). Combined with the fact that my car charging unit doesn’t work, this presented a real problem for me.

Let’s get down to the technicalities, shall we? After all, this is a technology blog. I think you will find that this post is probably a little more subjective than the usual, so I’ll let Restless Tech himself add in the specs that I don’t have the right words for at the bottom of this post.

When initially putting my phone in this case, it seemed bulky. Obviously it’s going to make your phone a little bigger than before, or it can’t be doing its job all that efficiently. However, adjusting to the added size of the phone with this case was practically seamless. What I liked most was that the way the back of the case is shaped, it actually makes handling an iPhone easier. With how the case curves on each side, it fits comfortably and naturally in your hand and is still slim enough to fit in your back pocket. I also like the material the case is made of, which is not rubbery enough to have every fuzz on Earth sticking persistently to it, but has enough resistance that it’s not going to slide off a table if you look at it funny. I think that the side edges also come up just enough above the screen that it gives you a little insurance on any tumbles to the ground. Fortunately I am a good testament to this, as I am very prone to dropping things and my screen has not broken yet (knock on wood). I have to say that on the occasion that I have gone back to being battery case-free, my iPhone now feels small and awkward.

I’m not going to give you an hour by hour breakdown of how much battery life this case will offer you, because that’s just not how my brain works. I do think I can safely say it doubles the iPhone’s current battery, if not a little more (editor’s note: I am working with an iPhone 4 that is almost 2 years old). I can definitively say it kept me from having an emotional breakdown on our European family vacation when my camera died half a day in. I had this phone as my sole camera and it did not die on me midday once. The only times I have found I actually have to plug it in two nights in a row is if I have been somewhere that specifically drains my battery, i.e. crowded concerts where thousands of other people are on the network, coinciding with taking a lot of pictures. It might not make you through the entire second day but it will darn well try. It is worth noting that you should allow a good night’s sleep for this to charge fully.

Other features I can appreciate about this phone are – the way it charges is compatible with most Droid phones, so if you are in a pinch it is still relatively easy to come up with an available charger. Insert Restless Tech’s terminology for what type of charger I’m referencing here. (That is a micro USB connector, sweetheart)

The meter on the back will tell you how much life it has by way of 1,2, or 3 blue bars when you press an unobtrusive button on the side. I am a stubborn champion of the Oxford comma and I will not apologize for it. The case will also not interfere with the quality of your pictures when you use flash, as some more cosmetically centered cases do.


The only downsides I would say are that it can be difficult to plug in an auxiliary cord to the phone when the case is attached. You also shouldn’t prop your phone against something while the charger is plugged in, or it will thereafter not charge at all unless it is propped in that awkward position. Clearly, this is common sense that I did not exercise. In short I would absolutely recommend the use of this case if you are someone who finds yourself having to plug your phone in much more frequently than feels necessary.

Thank you for having me and I hope that my review, if not very technologically inclined, was at least informative and vaguely entertaining. Good night, and good luck.

Editors note: The other big benefit is that the iBattz cases come with two removable 1700 mAh batteries. This gives you an immediate replacement if (when) you destroy one of the batteries by repeated charging cycles.


iBattz Mojo Removable Battery Case for iPhone $89.95
Available for the iPhone 4 and 5

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