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If you are looking for all the reviews that Restless Tech, the best thing to do is to click the word “review” in the tag cloud in the lower right side of the main page of the blog. Or click this link to have them sorted from here.

If you have something you would like us to review you have come to the right place!

Well, given what a complete whore ethical review site we are, you will have to abide by a set of very stringent rules.

1. You have to contact us. If you randomly send us something with out prior contact we may play with it but we may not.

2. We won’t review something we cannot touch, taste, fill with gear and haul around for a couple of weeks. If you send us a press release, we may print a news item but we will not magically, osmotically create a review from your marketing material…even if you are nice to us.

3. Reviews take time. We may fall in love with something and post a review in a couple of days but it usually takes some use to get to that point. Expect it to take 3-4 weeks to go from receipt of product to written review. We will inform you via email when your review is posted.

Disclosure Statement

Products are provided to us for review but we do not accept payment for reviews. While I will accept product to look at, my opinions are wholly my own and do not reflect being bribed by manufacturers.

We also buy, borrow and beg product for review. A listing of companies that have provided us with product to review is posted here.

Specifications may change over time and text lives for a long time on the web. We cannot guarantee that something that is accurate today will not change tomorrow.

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