May 20 2011

I need a new camera…or maybe not…

So, I think a hotel maid now has a brand new one of these.

I have been using the Canon A3300 to take pictures for reviews on my blog and it has been working well but it was mysteriously NOT in my bag when I left the Courtyard. I had it when I posted my review of the Tom Bihn Zephyr but when I got to the car the zippered pouch I carry it in was unzipped and empty.


I had it in the hotel room, didn’t take it out and ransacked the room when I figured that out but to no avail.

So…I guess this gives me the opportunity to review some small, pocketable, point and shoot cameras. Anyone have any great suggestions for me to look at?

(stupid editors note: got home from this trip and my wife handed me a red Canon A3300. “Is this yours?” the better half asks me. Ummmm….oops. I would like to take this opportunity to tell the Courtyard and its cleaning staff that I am sorry and I am officially a yutz.

I will still take great camera suggestions if you have one!)

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  1. macrogeek

    I have one of the little Sony models with the one shot pano mode. I like it, It’s decent for P&S, but not great in low light. Super thin, I keep it in my iPad bag.

    I’ve been disappointed with the flash on every point & shoot I’ve handled in the last 2 years.

    If you need a coat pocket camera instead of a jeans pocket camera, find an older Canon G-series. (G5, G6…) the MP count is lower, but the sensor size is larger and most have manual and RAW modes, and good low light performance.

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