May 05 2011

I have a pretty cool job…

There will always be things to complain about, no matter what you do. Too much desk time, too much paperwork, too much travel…not enough travel.

But in nearly every job there is that moment, that project, that one assignment. It makes the drudgery worth it. That one concentrated bit of cool that makes you proud to be there and excited to be working on something. Well, maybe that doesn’t apply if you work at the IRS. 😉

I really do have a cool job that is occasionally punctuated by periods of angst. Perhaps I should clarify what I actually do!

I am a pro audio manufacturer’s rep. I sell the products that companies put into large scale sound systems for touring and for install. We sell the kinds of products that get put into really great studios. Every once in a while you get to interface with someone or something that is quite cool because of those connections.

Today was one of those days! I went up to look at the sound system nerve centers at the two pro sports teams in Cincinnati.

Although football is currently on hold it is still quite cool to be at the stadium seeing the sort of empty grandeur of it all. The goal posts look like they are a LOT smaller in person. Maybe I need to apologize to all those kickers I have defamed over the years!

Wandering through the “seedy underbelly” of the tunnels under the stadium is in stark contrast to the tightly manicured grass (astroturf?) and pictures of Tiger heads everywhere.

The interesting thing about downtown Cincinnati is the fact that all of their temples to sport are right within a stones throw of each other, and the river. Here is a picture of the Cincinnati Reds park from the Bengals stadium.

Heading over to the Reds park was really interesting because they were actually setting up for a noon game against Houston the day we were there. The buzz at a park is significantly different when there is an event there.

Production at the Reds game...

Cinci has has so much rain that it was all they could do to keep the playing field dry and usable. They had not actually pulled the tarp off of the infield while we were there.

My favorite part about the whole event gets back to one of those jarring contrasts that tend to creep their way into these things. All of this technology crammed into such a small space to make sure that onsite production is perfect, replay happens and the crowd gets to hear and see it all like they are there. Oh, wait…they are. I guess so they can hear it BETTER than if they were there!

Tucked away in the corner, closeted under a video playback monitor and just beyond the digital console running the whole place is the altar. Waiting for the 7th inning stretch and the requisite hymn of the park is the penultimate icon of cheesiness. The schmaltziest of all the ingredients in the soup that makes up the pastime previously known as America’s.

That’s right…the ball park organ!

I wonder if it can play "Tie a Yellow Ribbon"

Something is so beautifully twisted with this picture. The monitor wall is reflecting in the window behind the organ, and there is that perfectly cheesy button upholstered bench in front of the organ.

MAN I wish they would have let me play it if even for a half a tune!

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