Jan 05 2012

I Am a Bag Bigot


My name is Jeff Mac and I am a bag bigot. I am also a bag addict.

There, I said it. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step right?

So, I am at a client’s office today and someone had obviously gotten a new bag recently as the tag pictured above came from a Targus laptop messenger.

I looked at the tag initially with interest, than sadness, and finally revulsion and pity.

How could someone even use this bag? My mind jumped to the multiple small flaws, the sub-standard material and I felt so terribly sorry for the person that was carrying his or her laptop in it.

At that point, I realized that I have two very serious problems.

First, I am a bag bigot. See the above admission. I am addicted to high quality, purpose driven products that are designed to make my day to day portage of technology pleasant and happy.

My second problem is that I have no desire to be cured. I like the way perfect stitching looks on a laptop case. I love discovering a pocket that is exactly the right size for what I want to carry. I enjoy telling people why a bag is worth more than $11.99 at Office Max.

So, I am not just a bag-bigot…I am far worse than that. I am an unrepentant bag bigot. I have no interest in losing this character flaw.

The only possible appeal I can see in being checked into a Bag Recovery Program is that I would be gathered with like-minded people to discuss the relative benefits of Tom Bihn versus WaterField; Rickshaw versus Timbuk2; or Tumi versus Zuca.

I guess that would defeat the purpose of the process. Sort of like making margaritas for your AA group.

Of course, that exact issue is a good portion of the reason that I started this website.

So, fellow bag bigots unite! Tell me what you love! Tell me what you loathe! Share your huddled masses of pet bags and backpacks with me that we might all cavort about the maypole of baggery in a way that makes our loved ones shake their heads in a complete lack of understanding.

Share with me the companies that you are passionate about so we can convert some of those unwashed heathens that do not see the beauty we see!


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  1. Helen

    I try to keep my bigotry under control… although when cruising down the platform with my Delsey spinner, past the (other) tourists struggling with their floppy cheap two wheelers, it is difficult.

    Although I’m not a “one-bagger”, I do have a Tom Bihn addiction.

    must fly .. off to repack my new Tom Bihn Ego……

  2. Jeff Mac

    Oooh, congrats on the new Ego!! Gonna post a packing list on the TB forum when you get done?

  3. Timbuk2

    You can discuss bags with us all day long!

  4. Jeff Mac

    Thanks Amy! I am looking forward to dropping in at CES to meet with Defne. Will you be there?

    By the way I love your CES promo!

  5. Mike

    I hate having a bag that is worth more than the contents.

    A not true story: When I realized that I left my Tom Bihn Flyer behind in the waiting area, I rushed back to find that my bag was gone, but my stuff was still there.

  6. Jeff Mac

    Oh man, isn’t it too early to tell ghost stories?

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