Jan 14 2012

Humangear Gotubbs Review

Last year I got the opportunity to play with the Humangear Gotoobs and I found them to be clever, useful and also pretty darn cute. When I talked the them again and got the chance to review the Gotubbs, I was excited. Yes, they are just containers and I know that it is pitiful to be excited but you have to find joy in the little things in life!

The Gotubbs come in small (a bit less than a cubic inch in volume) and medium (a bit more than 5 cubic inches). I was a bit confused about this but can only assume that they produced a large Gotubb as well and are having so much fun using it as a frisbee that they are neglecting bringing it to the lineup. I actually have a real theory about this, but I will come back to that in a moment.

The small Gotubbs are perfect little pill containers and they will hold 21 Advil or 10 capsule sized pills. Yes, I counted them…and yes, I am aware of how pitiful that is.

The larger, medium Gotubbs will hold about 5 times more stuff than the small ones!

Both sizes of Gotubbs feature a textured place where you can write yourself a quick note on what is inside if you are chronically forgetful. I scribbled on this section and the smooth section with a Sharpie and the ink had set and was pretty much permanent within 60 seconds but I could wipe the same marks off the smooth section. This labeling scheme works better for me than the labeling on the Gotoobs.

The way they open is pretty clever. If you squeeze them on the bottom half of the container the tops will “pop” and you can lift them off. This makes opening and closing them with one had possible, which is a plus if you are using your other hand to stabilize yourself on a rocking boat or during airplane turbulence!

The website describes the Gotubbs as “…water-resistant, not water-proof. They are not designed for use with fluids (that’s what the GoToobs are for!)”.

This, of course got me to ruminating…and testing things!

I would qualify the small Gotubbs as waterproof. I filled one up with water and left it for days on end in different positions and there was never a leak. I immersed the small one in water and likewise no leaks. I did not take one on a plane yet so I cannot comment on how it deals with pressure.

The medium Gotubbs did not fare so well and would leak with water in them if they were on their side or upside down. I suspect that this has to do with the slight loss of stiffness as the size increases and I suspect that same issue is what made the large Gotubb impractical.

I am in no way saying that the Gotubbs are not rugged. They are very well made and in fact I took the liberty of standing on a pair of the small ones to see how well they stood up to the pressure. At 199 and three-quarters pounds I am not a small load to carry and they didn’t blink at the pressure. I would not be worried about them at all in my luggage no matter what gets stacked on top of them. These are not cheap offshore pill boxes.

I have nothing bad to say about the Gotubbs. They are well made, easy to open one-handed and fit in my toiletries kit far better than a medicine bottle. I would say that for me the smaller ones are more useful than the medium ones.

At $7.99 for a pack of three small Gotubbs or $8.99 for a three pack of the medium Gotubbs they are a bargain.

Go get a set, I think you will like them!

humangear, inc.
745A Clementina Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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