May 08 2012

HumanGear GoCup Review

If you have read my site for any length of time you might be surprised to find out that I, urban gypsy though I am, was raised by a pack of wolves in the depths of the Black Forest.

Well, in a household of hearty outdoorsmen anyway. With guns and camping equipment and camouflage clothes.

They didn’t really know what to do with me either.

I do recall some of the cool trappings from those days of fishing, hunting and camping. Camping and military surplus stores have some really nifty toys!

I particularly remember this awesome kitschy, collapsible cup I had. It was shocking orange and made of horrible plastic in interlocking, concentric rings. It shrunk down to the size of a hockey puck and I carried it tucked in my back pocket looking more like a can of snuff than a sainted purveyor of liquids for the thirsty.

Of course, it was cheap, crappy plastic, so it leaked, creaked and destroyed itself within 2 weeks. I even held a little funeral for it. Once again, my family did not know quite what to do with me.

What is a thirsty geek to do?

Luckily, the sultans of silicon over at HumanGear have newly got me covered! I had great fun with their travel container GoToobs so I was excited to play with their new GoCup!

The GoCup is all the good from my childhood nostalgia combined with none of the bad. It is a compressible chalice of food safe silicon that accordeons down into the familiar hockey puck shape. Rather than inefficient rings of metal or plastic interlocking it is one solid piece that suffers none of the structural issues that my dear, departed plastic piece of…well, mama always said if you can’t say something nice.

It features a solid plastic lid with a pill cup and has measurements marked off on the inside of its 4 ounce capacity.


Well, if you look really hard you can see them. They are marked in Imperial measurements on one side (quarter cup, 1 shot, third cup, two shots and half cup) and metric in milliliters on the other side. They are raised letters molded in the silicon, so they can be a bit indistinct depending on the lighting.

The pill cup in the lid is almost exactly the size of one of HumanGear’s small GoTubbs which I originally reviewed here. it will hold a couple of large vitamins or 10-15 Advil sized pills.


Above you can see the whole family. Clockwise from top left is a 1.25 ounce GoToob, the expanded 4 ounce GoCup, a small GoTubb with Advil, and the GoCup lid with even more Advil. In case I get a lot of headaches. The razor is just in there for scale…and to remind me to shave tomorrow.

HumanGear offers an 8 ounce version of the GoCup with a bit larger pill compartment. It also has a really swell double-decker pill section that I don’t need…and yet the gimmickry of it still has me desperately yearning for one…

So, it’s really your choice if you want to sip or guzzle from your GoCup.

Both versions will be available through a variety of channels by the end of May for your fluid consumption pleasure!

Coming soon to Amazon and other fine retailers.

4 oz GoCup $9.99
8 oz GoCup $12.99
8192 oz collapsible GoPool TBA

humangear, inc.
745A Clementina St.
San Francisco, CA, 94103, USA


  1. lannae

    Love these!
    I remember those old hard plastic ring cups. Yes, they are a great idea, but leaky and they cracked easily.
    I will go check out these gotoobs. It looks great for traveling!

  2. Jeff Mac

    Thanks Lannae! By the way I love your blog! Have you tried the Mad Platter?

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