Jan 07 2013

Huawei Enters the Smartphone Market

Japanese manufacturer Huawei has entered the smartphone market in a major way.




The Ascend D2 and the Ascend Mate are large screen, high-res phone/mini-tablets set to take the gold medal for excess. Biggest screen, biggest battery and water and impact resistant. The chairman poured a pitcher of water over the phone and dropped it several times to make his point.

There were a couple of gasps during this demo!

The Android phones feature true 1080 screens with the Mate’s screen coming in at a ridiculous 6.1 inches diagonal. The batteries are significantly larger than competitive phones like the iPhone and Galaxy and yet they claim they charge to full faster than either.

Stereo microphones, 150meg WiFi, 13 MP camera and Multi tasking within the environment and a laundry list of features make for a drool worthy package.

“Not just a smart phone, an intelligent phone!”, the chairman crowed during the press event.

The timing of the event IMMEDIATELY before the Samsung press event was a not so subtle clue as to whom Huawei was gunning for as did their repeated hammering on how superior their technology was to anyone else’s.

No news yet on carriers in the US but available now in China and Japan.

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