Jun 06 2012

HDMI Stupid Tax

Dropped into a BestBuy recently to pick up another HDMI cable for something I needed to test (more on that later)…

This seemed inordinately high for 6 feet of carefully twisted copper. I left and went to WalMart.

19.95…5 big bucks of savings. Whoopee…

So, I got on the Amazon marketplace and found this:

$1.60…and Amazon picked up the freight…

With HDMI being a certified standard, all three of these cables should do EXACTLY the same thing.

What am I missing here other than the opportunity to pay for lunch on the savings?

Apparently HDMI has much more to do with the flow of money than electrons.

I am going to be diving into the vagaries of the bandwith requirements of different signal resolutions over the next couple of weeks. If you have specific issues that you would like me to probe, place a comment below.

Inquiring minds want to know. Until then, I am buying the cheap cable.


  1. Jeff Mac

    Hmm…what browser are you on?

    I updated the link to the Amazon page with a text link, and a description as well so that should be pretty bulletproof.

    Let me know what you see!

  2. macrogeek

    I just had to change from a Wall-Mart purchased Dynex $24 HDMI cable on my Apple TV to a $3.00 one from Monoprice. The Dynex had crackle in the audio when playing YouTube clips or any audio that has a lot of dynamic range. (like when movies have an explosion and glass breaking in the same scene). Switching cables made the problem go away.

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