Feb 27 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

I had a lovely, low-key birthday. Celebrated with my lovely wife and beautiful daughters, it was a study in contentment. I had a couple of small presents and some Mexican food. As a Land of Enchantment expatriate, good mexican food is MY comfort food!

I even got to hear my middle daughter sing in a chorus concert and just be generally lazy. Both high points!

Now, to be completely clear…I am holding off on a present for myself. At least until March 7th and the grand unveiling at Apple headquarters, but I strongly suspect the announced iPad3 will push me over the edge in to Apple tablet ownership again.

The one thing that really impacted me was the flood of well wishes on Facebook.

To be clear, I am a casual FB user at best and it is not unusual for me to go a week without checking it. My phone does cue me if somebody posts something to my wall and the constant buzzing of dropping brief birthday wishes was surprisingly moving.

I mean, I know that FB nags all of us about saying Happy Birthday to our friends. Intellectually, I understand that this was a couple of brief keystrokes (one person only managed to get HBD! on my wall!). Still, it brought a lump to my throat and I was thankful for all of the well wishes. I HIGHLY recommend that you all pay attention to those Happy Birthday suggestions from Facebook because it will make a difference in somebody’s day!

Several people who read my blog (well, only my Mom reads this stuff but let’s pretend other wise shall we!?) have asked what they could do to help out given that I am so old now!

Since we are pretending that you are reading, and that you care and that at my advanced age I can accomplish anything at all, I will let you know! There are several things you can do to help me defray the costs of running this stupid thing that don’t cost you a dime!

While you are here, click on an ad or two! I make a penny or two from the might Google when you do so even if you buy nothing and you might just see something interesting!

If you are going to buy something on Amazon that I recommend (like one of these for instance) I make a dime or two and even if you buy something else after clicking on a link I still make a bit!

Also, on the front page of my site are iTunes search boxes that I make a dime or two on purchases that you make by searching from there!

Enough abject birthday begging for one day! You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming and find something interesting and entertaining instead!

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