Sep 25 2011

Gotoobs Review

What is it about companies that are based in San Francisco and the surrounding areas? They have a certain level of innovation and product evolution that seem to be a step above those around them.

Humangear is one of those companies. Just a couple of little ideas, a couple of little twists on simple products and they manage to make them a touch better.

Gotoobs are one of their travel products and they are a nifty little accessory. Five different colors should give you a choice of a shade that appeals to your inner finger painter!

The Gotoobs are made of food safe silicon, so they are appropriate for almost any gel or liquid. The tubes are squeezably soft which makes getting the last little drop out of them a piece of cake.

The smallest size is 1.25 ounces making it eminently pocketable if you are looking for something to drag your critical liquids around with you. Simply stuff it in a purse or jacket pocket. The largest size, at 3 ounces, is still at the TSA limit for carry on liquids so it is obvious the humans at Humangear have done their travel research.

My favorite though, is the medium-sized Gotoob. At 2 ounces, it is a reasonable amount of storage and it has a suction cup molded into the side of the tube!

As a disclaimer, Gotoobs only claims that this suction cup is good for briefly attaching it to surfaces. In my experience this is more than long enough for most applications, including a VERY long shower. I actually attached it to the tile wall of a shower for 4 days in a hotel and only had to reattach it twice. Like most suction cups a bit of moisture goes a long way in helping the seal.

Each of the Gotoobs features a screw on flip-top cap. This cap seals the tube so that stuff does not squeeze out even under pressure while closed. I have had them up and down on planes several times now and have absolutely no leakage issues based on pressure changes. Two of these flights were international and I know we hit more than 35,000 feet.

Screwing the cap off reveals a wide-mouthed opening that makes it easy to fill the Gotoob with almost anything you want. They do have a list of “I wouldn’t do that if I were you” liquids here on their site. That same wide-mouthed opening makes it just as easy to clean up.

Each of the tubes also has a window on the collar that will turn to show some preset options of what is inside the Gotoob, including soap, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, lotion and “…” to show something they have not thought of yet. Although these are generic it is quite useful to be able to tag which one of the tubes has shampoo and which one has conditioner. Of course, it would be even more effective if you bought different colors for different liquids! These collars will not shift while the top is screwed on so you are in no danger of having them change on you.

The tops also have valves on them so that they will not leak if opened. This means if you set the tube down with the lid open you can feel safe knowing it is not going to leak all over everything.The 3 ounce tube also makes an excellent squirt gun in a pinch!

I love a simple, purpose-built product that does exactly what it says it will. The Gotoobs do that in spades! You will want to buy a set if you travel at all. I recommend the medium because I am sucker for the suction cup but they all will find a place in your overnight kit.

Top this all off with Humangear’s lifetime warranty on their products and there is almost no downside to the product.

Quick video demonstration below along with a link to buy directly on Amazon.

humangear, inc.
745A Clementina Street
San Francisco, CA 94103


  1. helen

    Well timed review – I just picked up a gotoob for my trip this week .. believe it or not it’s my first international flight since the whole 3-1-1 liquids thing began.

    My only tiny gripe with the product is that the little label on the collar of the tube is raised white lettering against a white background … hmmmm I like this as much as I like the current trend for low restaurant lighting with brown menus written in black…

    (my TomBihn LED guardian light comes in very handy in restaurants)

  2. Jeff Mac

    Yes, the lettering is just molded out of the silicon so it is always the same color as the tube. The colored tubes are a little easier to read for some reason…

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