Apr 23 2015

Google fee FI fo fum

Google FI

Application in, tinterhooks engaged

My application is in. Now the waiting begins.

So what do you think? Disruptive or deceptive? Does Google have something here or is this another Google plus?

You have heard right? Google, the mega-company that invented, “throw it against the wall and see if it sticks” business planning just threw a cellular service against the wall.

I mean, the idea is ludicrous. Even Google doesn’t have enough time and money to roll out nationwide hardware for cellular data connection. The only possible hope would be to find some existing cellular company that was desperate enough to admit what they had was a commodity and two-step it to Google.

Yup, so incredibly unlikely that Google only found two companies to buy in. Sprint and T-Mobile both signed on the dotted line. Yellow and pink, who would have thought that would go together?

So here is the deal…do you own a Nexus 6, or are you willing to buy one? If so you can apply for Google FI. Google will give you unlimited voice and text for $20 a month. In more than 120 countries, international texting is free. International calls are twenty cents a minute. Crappy, slow international data is also included.

Then you pick how much data you need a month at $10 a gig. And if you don’t use all the data Google will give you a prorated refund. OK, THAT makes Google Fi disruptive. It also makes this the perfect plan for someone who has a business phone that they normally use. At least if you don’t mind a VERY limited choice of phones.

I have written about T-Mobiles cell plan for people who travel extensively here and here and obviously Google is benefitting from their policies. This actually makes more sense than T-Mobile’s service because you get to roam on Sprint where their coverage flags and the system will shift to WiFi when that is a better choice.

It may all blow up in a year or two…but I suspect the ride will be lots of fun!

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