Jun 29 2012

Google Driven

Because you can never be too rich, too pretty or have too much online storage…

Google Drive is the monolith’s response to iCloud and it grants you 5 Gig of free storage and document perusal from multiple platforms.

On the same page as DropBox, Amazon’s CX service, Box.com and Microsoft SkyDrive it gives you the ability to share and access your files across multiple platforms as well as open office documents on your mobile platform.

Between all of them I have about 100 gig of online storage…now if only I could find everything! I confess to using DropBox the most out of pure habit and the level of integration it has with so many of the apps that I use but if anybody can make a compelling use case it is Google.

…and of course they NEED more information on my daily computing activities.

So if you are not completely convinced that Google wants in the game on every platform they announced today Chrome – Google, Inc.” target=”_blank”>Chrome for iOS.

…and Apple thought IBM was Big Brother!


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  1. Dave M

    Hey Jeff! Long time no chat. Lovin’ my Tom Bihn Tri-Star by the way… πŸ™‚

    Anyway, had to chime in on this one only because I’ve tried SO many cloud storage services, both free and paid. I ended up finally settling on SugarSync and even paid for an account if you can believe that. LOL Their free account offers 5GB for life and you can get more by referring friends.

    They have the best cross platform support IMHO and it blows DropBox out of the water on features. The only thing I wish it could do is back up Outlook PST files while in use, but I don’t think DropBox does that either.

    Another great app for pure backup is CrashPlan. The free version allows you to backup across your home network or the Internet to other computers. So my laptop backs up to my wife’s laptop, and vice versa. If I’m sitting in a hotel somewhere, and she’s at home but we’re both online, CrashPlan starts doing it’s thing. You can also sign up for a paid account, and have everything back up to the cloud as well – or multiple locations at the same time, including USB drives.

    So, between CrashPlan and SugarSync, my files are always backed up to multiple locations, internally and externally, and available from just about every device I use.

  2. Jeff Mac

    Hey Dave! Thanks for the info on this I will check both of those out. How goes the progress on your site idea?

  3. Dave M

    Sadly… No progress. Been too busy with the J.O.B. lately, and then I get “analysis paralysis” sitting around thinking about exactly what I want to do. I need to just get off my lazy duff and do SOMETHING…ANYTHING. πŸ™‚

  4. Jeff Mac

    Starting is the hard part. So…you just gotta start.

    Go to WordPress.com and set up an account and start playing with Blog themes…you will at least feel like you are making progress!

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