Aug 17 2013

Galaxy S4 Rearth Ringke Fusion Case Review

I recently switched from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy S4. Yes, it’s true…I am a switcher. We will get into the whys at a later date but the first priority with a new phone is a new case.

My first experiment was a disaster, luckily the crew over at a MobileFun had a host of better options for me!

The Ringke Fusion case is a minimalist wrap made of rubber and polycarbonate. The rubber bumper surrounds the outside of the S4 but the polycarbonate that protects the back is actually clear. This makes the case have almost no visual impact while providing scratch and drop protection to the phone.

samsung s4 case

The power button and volume rocker are set off in high contrast white that has a different feel than the rubber. This makes finding those buttons by feel or sight as easy as can be.

All the connection points on the S4 have cut outs making it easy to charge, photograph and listen to audio without ever pulling the case off the S4. The headphone cutout is generous enough that only the largest headphone connectors will be a problem.

The case slips on easily and is secure once the phone is seated in it. If you do need to get the phone out it is simple to pop it out. The minimal case still provides a nice amount of protection.

The only small complaint I have with the case is the way the corners are wrapped on the back of the case. Where they curve, the rubber bunches up slightly and I find myself picking at those raised areas when I fiddle with my phone.


Simple and elegant, the Ringke case performs as billed without taking away from the looks of the Galaxy S4.


Ringke Fusion Case $16.49

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