Aug 01 2013

Frontier Airlines to Enter the Low Cost Airline Market

frontier airlines

According to Bloomberg, Frontier is on the cusp of transitioning into a true low-cost airline. I like to call this format a la carte airlines because they will charge you for every, single addition.

Don’t think Southwest, who will seem positively luxurious compared to this format. Think Spirit and Allegiant in the US or Ryanair and Easyjet in Europe.

I was able to find a round trip flight from London to Paris for $91.21. Want to have an assigned seat? $4.50. Want to check some luggage? $36. Oh yes, if you pay by credit card that will cost you an additional 2%. You can carry on ONE piece of luggage to a maximum of 22 by 17 by 9.5 inches so plan on leaving your normal roller board at home if you want to carry it on. Ryanair even limits the weight on your carry on to 10 KG (roughly 22 pounds) and they will charge you 60 Euros at the gate if you are over. They will also parade up and down the aisle during the flight attempting to sell everything from snacks to lottery tickets.

These airlines only fly direct routes and will NOT transfer your luggage if you book two-legged flights.

In the States, Spirit will allow you one free carry on as long as it is 16 by 14 by 12 inches or less and EVERYTHING else is charged. Allegiant allows the more typical carry on plus personal item but they do limit the weight on your carry on to 25 pounds.

Often these airlines fly in and out of secondary airports, so make sure you look at a map. The Frankfurt Hahn airport that Ryanair uses is a 90 minute bus ride from Frankfurt!

It will be interesting to see how aggressive Frontier gets in chasing the low-cost model and if the US market can actually support a third bottom dollar carrier.

Of course, $50 to the beach sounds pretty good to me!

frontier airlines

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