Jan 15 2013


Well, I have to say that this was not what I expected FaceBook to announce today.

“Graph Search” is their system to access the info that many of us use to make social decisions currently with FaceBook. Where do I want to eat FaceBook? Where do my friends like to hang out FaceBook? What is the coolest new club in NYC FaceBook?



No matter what Microsoft may think, Google has a near monopoly on web search and FaceBook’s Mr. Z made sure to point out that this limited beta rollout (rumored to be around 500 people) was NOT a web search. Did I mention that it is not a web search.

Nope, not a web search.

The Zuckermunity is one of the few places on the web that Sauron’s all-seeing eye cannot peer. So, the wealth of information that over 1 billion people heedlessly chuck up (sometimes literally) onto FaceBook is a treasure trove of info that can’t really be Googled…


One analyst, whose name I don’t recall, pointed out that we would rather get info from people we know and trust rather than random internet strangers. Yelp shares collapsed in a silly panic.

Of course, all I can think about on this (no matter the privacy promises being pandered about) are that it makes it that much easier for a prospective employer to find out embarrassing dirt on you. Yup, they are going to hire the social media luddite over your connected self.

My advice? Go untag yourself in all your pictures…but you better do it quickly!

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