May 19 2011

EF Google talks…and people read their GMail?

Tech Crunch has a little piece here on the Google Advisor product.

Umm, ok.

I mean, I am a borderline fanboy. I do Google Earth, Google Maps, Google Docs, Gmail, Android, Google Voice and a couple of other ones that I am probably forgetting.

…but Google Funds? Google Stocks and Bonds? If I do everything they say do I eventually get to Googletire to a life of ease relaxation?

How does writing a really great search engine and some cool cloud apps qualify you to handle my money? Wouldn’t a company like Goldman Sachs or Lehman Brothers be far more qualified?

Oh wait…

You know, now that I think about it, maybe Google Advisor isn’t as dumb an idea as I thought. It might even be Gooogletastic!


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