Jul 09 2011

‘Droid Owners Defect on Tablets


Pretty interesting take on the dominance of Apple in the tablet space with even Android users choosing the iPad over Android tablets.

Of course I am posting this from an Android tablet so I am not quite sure what that says about me!

The iPad feels more finished somehow and its battery management is far ahead of Android at this point. It’s software ecosphere (apposphere?) is more repressive but far more developed. I can almost always find an “app for that” if the functionality is not in iOS already.

Google’s “One login to rule them all” mentality also has its power and their use of the cloud is currently more powerful than Apple’s. I love giving a new phone my email address and having my contacts populated immediately. I guess we will see soon how iCloud impacts that.

So how does it all play out? It is Apple’s to lose. No matter the products that came before, Apple created the segment and they have a huge head start.

To me the beauty is in the companies that learn to zag. I love my HTC View no matter how stupid Mr Jobs tells me 7 inch tablets are.

See…I am not a TOTAL fanboy!

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