Jul 08 2011

Droid 3 to Verizon

From the Gadgeteer we have notice of the new Droid 3 launching on Verizon.

Some really nice features here, particularly the 5 row keyboard but still a lack of 4G connection.

I really like Android, but it seems to me that they need to launch a phone that is out of the park on all fronts to push Apple. I mean, doesn’t this launch seem like it is a snoozer, especially when you think back about how huge the launch of the original “bucket of does” was?

When I look at communication devices as a businesss user, the keyboard is pretty huge plus and the availability of apps increases every day for the Android platform. The biggest challenge will be the fragmentation between the phones, tablets and tween devices like the HTC Flyer and the Samsung Tab. Even apps that will work on other platforms (Google voice on the HTC Flyer as an example) don’t always show up for all devices in the Market.

If Google can add the level of elegance that Apple has on the app store for iPhone/iPad/Universal apps they can maintain the middle of the pyramid dominance they enjoy. They will also be able to increase their upmarket penetration and fend off Apple’s upcoming forays into the lower portion of the market.

Google has the largest total market share, but don’t be fooled. Apple is in a better position to leverage their single killer product into multiple successes in the phone space.


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