May 29 2012

Dotz Control Cable Chaos

This may be a rhetorical question…

Do you have lots of cables?

Let’s try something similar…do you breathe air?

If you have anything technical (you have read the title of this blog haven’t you?) than you have a pile of cables you use daily, a pile of cables you use reasonably often and a drawerful of cables you are afraid to throw away!

Almost by definition, cables breed more cables and baby cables breed a chaos of connections.

My desk and bedside table look like a college dorm room on ramen noodle night. It used to be that I knew the white ones connected to a piece of Apple gear, but even that is no guarantee anymore.

Paris Business Products
has a line of stuff geared to help you grab hold of your cables and braid them into something a little more organized, identified and simplified.

Sometimes the idea is painfully simple like these colored cord straps that allow you to tie your cables into happy little color coded bundles. OCD in hard-candy colors!

Oh look, a cord strap bouquet just in time for my anniversary!

Sometimes the question is “What the heck is on the OTHER end of this cable?” That is when the cord identifiers can come in all kinds of handy…especially if everything terminates in a USB A cable at the business end!

Little color coded clips for the cables with little picture punch outs to remind you what is on the other side. Organizational bliss for the absent-minded cable junkie!

My Favorite piece was the cord wrap. This little hockey puck of plastic allows you to wrap your cable around a central core and then close the case around it to make just as short as you need it to be. How often do you really need 6 feet of iPhone sync cable anyway?

It even has a belt clip on the backside in case you are not already convinced of my nerdiness I will actually wear my sync cable around!

Check the whole range out here for your cable conundrums!

Dotz…end cord chaos forever!

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