Apr 23 2012

Cushy Seats With AC

Of course by AC I mean power and not air conditioning! DC as well if you can see the USB ports!


Southwest is in the process of updating a bunch of seats in their boarding areas to comfy, gadget-friendly chairs. While not all of the gates in Nashville have been updated,. gate C19 has 6 rows of these chairs for a total of 24.

Each chair has 2 AC outlets and 2 USB power outlets. Charging nirvana! You can see in the background that there are still lots of unpowered chairs, I guess those are the plebeian, economy class gate seats!

I have seen several sets of these in some other airports, most notably Orlando, but this is the biggest concentration I have seen.

Here is hoping that they roll a BUNCH more of these out. For those that spend far too much time in airports (guilty) it is interesting to know that you can currently get your nails done, see a doctor, get a massage and shop for crappy electronic equipment right before you get on a plane.

I just want to go home!

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  1. Doug

    I’m sitting in one now as I type in the Denver International Airport, Terminal C.

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