Sep 07 2013

Crumpler Flock of Horrors Review

Crumpler has a really weird sense of humor when it comes to naming their products. The Pleasure Dome, the Sinking Barge Deluxe and the Vegetable from Inside of the Mountain are just a few of the examples.

So, comparatively Flock of Horrors isn’t that wacky!

The Flock of Horrors is a small format laptop/iPad bag that is scaled for a Mac Book Air 11 or similar size ultra-book. The bag is an unstructured shoulder or cross body bag. While Crumpler does not publish what the bag is made of, it appears to be poly or nylon and it is treated to make it water-resistant. The zippers are also gasketed to make the bag more water-resistant.

The adjustable shoulder strap features a pad that velcros on to cushion your shoulder when you overstuff the bag. The pad does a good job of staying put. The stitching on the strap is bar tacked and x patterned and the bag will fall apart before this strap pulls loose. Of course, the bag looks and feels like it will be going strong well into the next decade.


This strap is on the bag forever

The top of the bag is sealed with a full width zipper and then the top of the bag folds over and is held in place with a warrior buckle. The buckle is on an adjustable nylon strap. This allows where the top of the bag folds to extend and to push how much you can keep inside the bag.

There is a vertical zipper on the front of the Flock of Horrors that opens to reveal a pocket that stretches the entire width of the bag. This is the place to stuff a power supply or a phone right before you run through security at the airport.


This pocket is deep enough to hold some odd shaped accessories

The back side of the Flock of Horrors has a pocket that runs across the bulk of the bag. It is lined with soft tricot and it is the perfect place for a full sized iPad. Getting in and out of this pocket is really quick and I love how handy it is. While this section is lined, it is not really padded so you may want to look at a sleeve before you tuck a naked iPad in here.


The inside of the bag is a big open space with a single zippered pocket inside that runs half the height of the bag. The bottom of the bag has some minimal padding but you will want to have a sleeve around your laptop for some protection.


The maw of the Flock of Horrors

The inside pocket and the outside storage pocket are on the same side of the bag (opposite the iPad pocket) so they cut into each other’s volume a bit. If you try to put thick accessories in each of these pockets the bag can feel a bit lopsided.

Over the last couple of months I have scaled my electronics down and I have been looking for a way to carry around a small laptop or a Chromebook without looking like a giant messenger bag was swallowing everything in my office. The Crumpler Flock of Horrors is a great size and I comfortably used it to carry a laptop, iPad and accessories. If you are looking for something a touch bigger but like this style of bag Crumpler also makes the Pinnacle of Horror and the monstrous 12 liter House of Horror.

The construction and materials are excellent and it really feels like a piece that will last a very long time.


On the pro side, the Flock of Horrors is made exceptionally well, it is guaranteed for life by Crumpler and it is sized well for a small computer. The water treatment and fold over top means a walk through a rainstorm is not going to be a problem.

The negatives are somewhat nit-picky. I really would like to see a simple pull handle on the top of the bag. If you are overfilling it and using it like a tote it can be a bit awkward to carry. Yeah, I know…don’t overfill it.

I would also really like to see a quick release cam for the strap…but perhaps I am the only one that constantly adjusts the strap of a cross shoulder bag.

Hard to complain about a bag that is made this well.


Flock of Horrors (available in black, green and red) $120

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