Apr 28 2012

Copper Kettle A Restaurant Report

The Copper Kettle is curled up right at the feet of Lipscomb University on the Granny White side in a small row of shops. Draper’s Jewelry anchors one side and the Kettle is tucked right in the middle.

If you are a southerner, then I do not have to explain what I mean by the phrase “Meat and 3”. The venerable concept is an outgrowth of Grandma’s table and in CK’s case you can tell they have a catering background. The tip-off is that they serve their guests cafeteria style out of heated hotel pans.

When you go through the line, the first thing you pass are the salads and the desserts. These vary based on season but there is always something to tempt you there.

You can order off of the menu, but where is the fun in that? Salads and sandwiches and wraps are tempting but with real, cooked food staring you in the face, it is hard to say no.

We were there on a Friday (seafood or fish day) and the meats on the line were pot roast, baked chicken and fried catfish.

My wife opted for the vegetable plate with macaroni and cheese, mixed vegetables and an interesting green pea salad. The mac and cheese is always a safe (and comforting!) bet here. Rich and cheesy with enough butter and cream to please Paula Deen. The vegetables were quick cooked and not very seasoned with squash, spinach, green beans and cherry tomatoes. The pea salad was an interesting combination of sweet peas, water chestnuts and Parmesan.


I opted for the baked chicken and received a portion roughly the size of my head! I have an emotional affinity for green bean casserole because we only get it at home for Thanksgiving. Green beans, cream of mushroom soup and fried onions. Decadent! What’s not to like?

The chicken was a bit dry and not long on flavor. A little disappointing actually.


My 14 year old daughter stunned me by choosing the fried catfish. She coupled this with the pea casserole (also a bit stunned) and the cheese grits.


The catfish came with two sauce options, a homemade traditional tartar and a dijon aioli. It was easily the best main served that day. Corn meal dusted, crisp and perfect. I wish I had opted for the catfish instead of the chicken.

The grits were not terribly cheesy, and again, a touch dry, but they had a very interesting finishing flavor of jalepeno. My daughter made rapturous noises over the hush puppies and growled at me when I tried to take a bite of one…

All dishes are served with choice of bread. I grabbed the cornbread, which is always a treat. My girls grabbed the yeast rolls which were hard and dry.

The girls finished with a cheesecake and a carrot cake. Both were huge pieces and the cheesecake plate was licked clean.

I love Copper Kettle for being fast and tasty but this trip through was disappointing and not up to their normal level. I will check back in over the next couple of weeks to do a follow up.

FOR CATERING CALL: 615-742-5545 ext. 2 or
email debbie@copperkettlenashville.com

94 Peabody Street
Nashville, TN 37210
phone: 615-742-5545
fax: 615-732-0372

4004 Granny White Pike
Nashville, TN 37204
phone: 615-383-7242
fax: 615-383-7949

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  1. DR

    I usually get one of the made to order salads when I go to Copper Kettle and they have never been anything but phenomenal. It is my favorite place in Nashville to order an entree salad.

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