Dec 13 2012

Consumer Trends

Consumer research data is always interesting but it is not always useful…

I found a couple of nuggets of “hmm” in the infographic below from the research crew at Ericsson.

For instance, point 4 that mobile network coverage is the fourth most important driver of satisfaction with urban life? I mean, I have been known to swear about lack of cell coverage but that is a powerful statement.

Also, point 10 about the shift in the way people learn (which has to be linked to point 2 about the “scattered mind”) is intriguing. When I was growing up, I remember hearing about auditory, visual and kinesthetic learners. Are our children’s generation so focused on connectivity that this is the biggest driver in their educational process?


They have been at the process of collecting and collating this data for quite a while!

According to Michael Björn, Head of Research at ConsumerLab: “Our global research program is based on annual interviews with over 100,000 individuals in more than 40 countries and 15 megacities. Over the years we have amassed a huge database of consumer trend data – and we see that the pace of change is currently more rapid than ever”

Not a terribly inspired conclusion, but undeniable.

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