May 02 2012

Conspiracy Theory


Cult of Mac has let us in on the fact that Facebook is not the only company trying to get in on the act of buying photo sharing apps.

So, to get into the act, I’d like to announce that I’ve actually entered into negotiations with Kodak to buy the troubled company.

I’ve offered $11, 3 Wrigley’s gum wrappers and my entire baseball card collection as well as an agreement to assume half of the entirety of the debt of the struggling company.

Lawyers from Kodak have refused to comment on the record but one was reported to say, “That guy is a complete idiot”, on the condition of anonymity.

Financier Warren Buffet is rumored to have been so intrigued by the offer that he has offered to cover the $11 out of his own personal fortune.

Here at Restless Tech we would like to say that we are honored to be a part of the whole capitalistic process.

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