Oct 16 2013

Cloud Computing & File Sharing For Growing Businesses


Each and every year, the business world adopts newer technologies and increasingly efficient online practices. From individuals starting private businesses on the Internet, to established, enormous companies, the need for the newest technologies is the same – the world is moving quickly, and only the most advanced programs and equipment are able to keep up.

One realm of technology in which we’ve seen a particular rise in lately is cloud computing and online file sharing. By now, you’re likely familiar with the basics at the very least: cloud computing involves storing and sharing files online, rather than exclusively through devices. Here are a few ways in which it can be helpful in a business environment.


Streamlined File Sharing
When you’re interacting with people in business online – co-workers, clients, employees, or superiors – it’s helpful to have a universal network through which communication occurs. Investing in a file sharing service gives your company a single program that everyone can use to easily, securely and efficiently transfer digital files, organize files, and store information.

Data Backup
Perhaps the main benefit of advanced file sharing and cloud storage for a growing business is that data can be backed up in the cloud with ease. Particularly for a small business, saving data on devices exclusively – computers, tablets, etc. – can leave you vulnerable in the event that those devices crash, or are stolen or hacked. With data saved to the cloud, it remains safe no matter what might happen to your devices.

Flexible Work Access
Furthermore, with data saved to a cloud network designated for business activities, employees can easily conduct work from anywhere, at any time. Imagine the convenience of being able to open up a work folder from your iPhone while you’re sitting in a cafĂ© pretending to be working – you can view any new communications, edit files saved to the folder, and send updated work to your co-workers. It makes for very flexible and convenient working environment.

Enterprise Solutions
Finally, while some cloud storage and file sharing options are meant for small-time, largely personal use, there are those with specific solutions for enterprise. Sharefile is one example. This rising file sharing company has implemented a specific Enterprise Edition recently. This edition is essentially designed to give power to company IT directors to regulate and manage employee file sharing and storage, which can be helpful in a growing business. When various employees are storing files in different ways, it not only leads to inferior organization, but can also expose a business to security risks. With a file sharing service designed to help structure a company, your business can grow quickly and effectively.

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