Apr 22 2012

Clothing Arts P Cubed Travel Pants

I was Twitterpating ( what is the real verb for browsing around on Twitter?) and came across Clothing Arts and their line of travel pants and shorts.


They are billed as pick pocket proof pants ( holy alliteration Batman!) which is highly desirable in lots of places. Public transport in a lot of major European cities comes to mind right off the bat.

Pockets! Safety catches and zippers and accessory attachments and they still claim to look good enough to throw on with a blazer and get you in to a fancy dinner. Color me intrigued. Much to my British reader’s amusement I live in Khaki pants ( do the Aussies have the same slang interpretation of that?) so their Business Traveler Pants caught my eye immediately.

A pair is en route to my secret, underground testing lab so I will post my findings in a couple of weeks on how they stand up to domestic travel.

Take a jaunt by their website and let me know what you think…


  1. Jeff Mac

    Thanks Helen. My Brit friends inform me that Khaki means you have…well, had an accident in your pants…

  2. Jeff Mac

    Also, if “Aussie” is pejorative then I humbly apologize! That was not my intent…

  3. Jeff Mac

    Helen, I am married and I have three daughters. You do not have to have a justification for me.

    I have learned at least THAT much!!

    I will strike the phrase from my vocabulary and if you never refer to me as “Jeffy” we will call it even!

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