May 14 2012

Closet Cleanout Contest


OK, my wife has had ENOUGH!

She has given me the ultimatum that something has got to go, so I am wandering through my closet of review pieces. I have picked a couple and you are going to get the opportunity to win one of them.

So simple!

Like my Facebook site or follow me on Twitter and then post a comment letting me know that you have done so. Already done so? Then just post a comment with a “been there, done that” sentiment and I will grandfather you in.

Option one is the Ful iPad backpack that I reviewed here.

Option two is the Rickshaw Commuter 2.0 Backpack that I reviewed here.

I will choose someone by some needlessly complicated method on June 10th and let the winner know by email.

The small print is that this contest is only open to people in the US and people that have two names. Pele and Cher need not apply.


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  1. Dave Mauder

    LOL! Too funny. Sounds like something my wife would force me into. 🙂 I killed my Facebook account a long time ago, but I did just start following you on Twitter.

  2. Alanna linden

    John introduced me to your site. Love the reviews and liked you on fb!

  3. Jeff Mac

    @dave Thanks…I am just glad she keeps ME around!

    @Alanna I feel terribly guilty that we have not officially met yet, thanks for the “like”!

  4. Jonathan Mc

    Facebook, Twitter, blog…It’s like I’m stalking you!

  5. Jeff Mac

    Missed you and the girls this weekend Jon…thank you for the e-stalking!

  6. Jeff Barnett

    I’m e-stalking you too. Love your reviews, but they make me glad I don’t travel much. i don’t think I could do it as well as you.

  7. Jeff Mac

    Jeff the pics you posted on your recent European venture convince me that you are either a flatterer or a liar….possibly both!

  8. Alanna

    Jeff – I do look forward to meeting. I’ll be with John at InfoComm. I asked John if you would be there and he just informed me that you “ARE” Infocomm. I have to say, my expectations are now getting pretty large for this meeting! 🙂

  9. Jeff Mac

    What John means by that comment is that I eat too much and I am roughly the size of a convention center…

    Looking forward to it as well Alanna! Do he and Bobby have a appointment booked already??

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