Aug 12 2016

Chromebooks suck a little less

Google has lots of ideas…sometimes more than they can actually implement so we have seen Glass come and go as well as a host of other wacky product ideas from the boys in Mountain View. Some of them have stuck around even when it didn’t seem like they should.

Strangely, Chromebooks are getting a little more useful lately. Even though Google hasn’t updated their official website on the product since last year there have been a couple of robust additions to its capabilities.

First off, Chromebooks now have access to apps from the Play Store. This is not perfect as many of those titles are awkward without touch screen input but it is a major step forward for the platform.

Secondly, CrossOver is going to bring their Wine Wizardry to the platform to allow you to run Windows apps on a Chromebook. This is actually an adjunct to Google’s Android support because you are actually running Codeweavers Android app on the platform.

Still, that means that the Chromebook now has a HUGE base of potential apps available to the platform that are functional without internet access. Maybe one of those flipping tablets finally makes sense!

Flip, flop or maybe not?

Flip, flop or maybe not?

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