Dec 03 2011

Chapter 11 Airlines

Tomorrow I make my first flight on the “fiscally restructuring” American Airlines.

It is one of those weird, three corner trips that meetings in multiple cities will spawn. Because of it I will take off and land at O’Hare 4 times in 3 flights. Don’t ask.

I do not know what to think of this whole process. I don’t really have another option so I will be flying on this bankrupt airline and I have tickets booked in January on AA as well.

AA assures me that “business will continue as normal”. My flights are safe, my airline points are secure and nothing is any different. Except that to be competitive AA claims they have no choice but to exercise this option.

When I log onto the AA website to check in for this flight I am greeted by this:

If you cannot borrow your way out of debt it strikes me that you probably cannot sell loss leader tickets out of bankruptcy. I am not impressed at their business plan so far. Maybe I can trade my existing airline points off to another loyalty program.

The only benefit that I see from this three-cornered trip on National Debt Airlines is that I will get to have dinner at one of the least heinous of all airport restaurants: Wolfgang Puck’s Cafe.

Even though you will still be presented with a plastic knife, the fare here is big steps above any of your other options in O’Hare. Located in terminal 3 between the K and L gates, it is worth a little bit of a trip inside of the sprawling Chicago shrine top transportation.

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