Jan 05 2014

CES2014 The Madness Begins

Arriving in Vegas a little early for CES has its merits. The press day begins in earnest early Monday morning, but I decided to pop in for CES Unveiled to pack a little extra research in before the full show opens.

Benefit one: The cab line.

My cab line at CES2013

My cab line at CES2013

Last year I arrived Monday morning to a madhouse McCarran airport and a cab line that LITERALLY stretched around the building. There were probably 350 people in the cab line. This year there were less than fifty and I was in a cab and at my hotel within forty five minutes of landing.

Benefit two: Hotel check in

There were two people in front of me in line at the hotel at check in. I even got to check in early. As an aside, The Quad (previously the Imperial Palace) is a toilet. Change of name has not improved it a single bit and I would stay away from it if you come to Vegas any time soon. In its defense, it was cheap. Even with a humongous convention in town and even being right on the monorail.

My room did NOT look like this!

My room did NOT look like this!

So far it looks like the trends in CE this year are running towards wearable tech, personal and small-scale cloud computing and lots and lots of accessories for Samsung and Apple.

No big surprises. The next couple of days will show how well companies are executing on those trends.

Viva Las Vegas!

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  1. Doug

    Nothing like sleeping in a toilet…. but at a big vegas trade show, you do what you have to do. I think for CES, I would opt for a toilet on the monorail line than a really nice hotel miles away from the action and with no easy transportation…. that is, if I were traveling without my spouse. Were she along, that would never fly.

    Looking forward to the reports on all the cool new tech toys.


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