Jan 11 2012

CES: A Reflection

First of all, never again will I show the severely profound lack of judgment to attempt CES in one day. In a seven hour period I hit the north hall, the central hall, the south hall (upstairs and down), the Bellagio Suites and the Venetian ballroom.

All of this with every transport medium in Vegas strained to its limit. I have not run that much to hit appointments in a long time…

I did get to see some interesting things, and while this list is exhausting, it is not exhaustive. I expect to have some in-depth reports on products in the next couple of months.

Consider this a very quick commentary on some stuff I saw that caught my eye.


Matias from Canada was showing their OneKeyboard . The clever little beast is both a USB and Bluetooth keyboard that switches modes on a single button push. This might actually allow me to keep up to speed when texting my 13 year old daughter!



RFA Brands was showing off their new range MyCharge portable power blocks. They feature AC prongs integrated for charging as well as captive USB and Apple 30 pin cables to charge your mobile devices. They come in a range of colors and in a variety of amperage storage levels. They also feature voice notifications in 12 languages and can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously!

I could desperately have used one by the end of the first day and I look forward to running a MyCharge through it’s paces. Something that struck me as I held the biggest was how light it was. They look like really well engineered stuff.

Shipping in March. Thanks for the tip on these from my friend over at Gadget Analisis . He runs a great Spanish language tech blog.


Jenny Carroll, the marketing director over at Timbuk2 gave me a full run through on their 2012 line up of bags. They have improved many of their bags with more features and materials and have started shipping a range of Kindle Fire accessories as well as some travel bags. I will be back with a more in-depth run through on this soon.



I’m Watch is a truly intriguing Italian company that is about to start shipping an interesting product. The touch screen watch is a standalone android device with bluetooth connectivity to your phone for speakerphone and data applications.

It uses custom apps and they are trying to launch a full infrastructure with an app store and cloud support. I went fully prepared to plunk down the $300 to buy one but after a really bad press conference and an underwhelming run through the product I am opting to hold off.

Love the idea but I currently question the execution. I must really want to be Dick Tracy.


My buddies over at Adonit were showing a couple of new things including a new pressure sensitive version of the Jot and a smaller version of the Jot, the mini-Jot.

You do know about my keyboard jones though don’t you?

The updated version of the Writer features an upgraded keyboard feel, a removable keybed, built-in rechargeable battery and a choice of some new colors. I really dug the turquoise one that David Sperry from Adonit was kind enough to model for me. All of this updated goodness and they are still maintaining the $99 price point. Some big improvements on an already killer product.I will definitely have a review upcoming on this!


Just felt like I needed to take a picture of the Intel Mother ship, uhh, I mean trade show booth.


The guys over at Dotz have a cool range of cable management products. Of particular interest to me were the cord shorteners…


Yes, lazy hands. Because a simple loop is just not enough to insure your tablets security. I really don’t know what to say…too lazy to use your thumbs?


I thought this was interesting enough to stop and snap a pic. Bullet Train was showing this Apple Wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad organizer. Everything snaps in solidly and gives you a traditional laptop arrangement of keyboard and mouse substitute.


The invisible keypad caught my eye and I spent a couple of minutes using it in portrait orientation and it did seem to make a difference. There are little raised guides on these inserts that they call “Genius Ridges” that put your thumbs in the right place.

The package is slated to be $30 but it includes a case and overlays for both portrait and landscape mode. I am hoping that the choice of April Fools day as the shipping date is an accident.


Gratuitous food picture! Dinner at Sushi Roku. Unagi, hamachi and saba. Sushi is like art. Pretty and tasty!

More in-depth stuff to come but I figured you would want a taste of the day. In a potential New Year’s good fortune sign, I should point out that my line luck has completely reversed. On the trip home the security line in Vegas was deserted. There was literally one person in front of me in the security line. I almost wept!

One final pic to leave you with….the Grand Canyon off the wing of my homebound flight.


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