Feb 02 2012

Can Versus Should

You know, this is a conundrum.

Technology presents you with the opportunity to do truly stupid and pointless things.

Tonight for instance, as I found myself working on a simple little video project that I was filming with a really cool video app for the phone called Filmic.

It is a lovely little app that gives you control of things on the iPhone camera that apple thinks you aren’t smart enough to be fooling around with, like frames per second and compressed or uncompressed audio and a couple of other cool bits.

I guess they may be right.

Just because I can film in 1080p on my phone doesn’t mean that I should film in 1080p on my phone.

It took till about the fourth little scene until the previously capacious RAM on my 64Gig iPhone was completely and utterly GONE! ACK!!

So, I found myself frantically deleting anything I could off the phone to free up space to be able to finish sourcing footage for the project…which will probably end up at 320×240 on the web.

I am such a dork.

I can VNC back to my computer at home from my phone, but it is just painful to look at the screen on the phones small display. I can finish my plate at the Cheesecake Factory and have desert…well, you get the idea.

So, I bet am not the only idiot technophile who has done something just because they can…

Got a good story of your own to share?

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