Mar 17 2013

Bring A Hat

If I may paraphrase the inestimable Mark Twain:

“The coldest winter I ever suffered was a March in London.”

It will surprise no one that Spring in London can be cold and rainy. It makes me long for April in Paris. Except that it can be cold and rainy there as well no matter what Gershwin says.

Because of this I have a bit of advice for you based on toodling around the city. Remember that the simplest advice is sometimes the best.

Bring a hat.

The first evening was truly miserable. Cold, wet and bedraggled we made our way back to the hotel in the midst of the omnipresent wind and rain that sweeps the city this time of year.

Portable umbrellas…well they stink. The wind grabs them and turns them inside out often trashing several of the supports in the process. If you face them into the wind, which seems to magically blow in your face no matter what direction you are heading, you can’t see through the umbrella in front of you. Rather unsatisfying.

Ahh…but a hat. Keeps your head dry, keeps some wind and rain out of your eyes. My wife described wearing a knit hat as “life changing”. IMG_2217

My girls all spent some of their souvenir money on a knit hat to tuck their hair up in and keep them warmer. I grabbed a newsboy hat at my wife’s prompting.

I cannot tell you how much better the day was with a hat. You lose most of the heat from your body from your head and your feet…so bring good shoes and wear a hat.

Just remember to take it off in the churches!


  1. Doug Roberts

    Great picture. Enjoying the daily updates…. keep em coming.

  2. Jeff Mac

    Thanks! Now if I can only get on local time…

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