Mar 11 2014

BlueFlame Just the Plug 2 Review

I have this thing about traveling light. I try to take what I really need rather than a stack of stuff that I might need.

The logical extension of this is being able to travel to Miami for a week with only a ziplock baggie for luggage. I will get there someday. Oh yes, I will get there!

Hey, it is good to have a goal!

I just made a step in the right direction with the BlueFlame Just the Plug 2.

blue flame

Yes, I am a light traveler…but I still need at least a phone and a tablet, and that means a couple of chargers. More bulk and more weight.

Although I have tried a couple of dual chargers, I have never been pleased with them. They either were too big, or they only output 1 amp on each output so they would only charge a tablet very slowly. Big batteries are hungry beasts!

When I came across the BlueFlame I knew I had found something interesting. The charger is about the same size as one of those fun size Snickers bars that we used to prize so much at Halloween.

The AC prongs fold in to make it easier to store and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it is a universal voltage charger. This means it will work anywhere in the world with just an adapter, no bulky transformer required.

The BlueFlame had no problems charging my phone and full sized iPad at the same time even when I had completely drained the battery on both. Knowing that you are covered on that front is a big relief.

Although made primarily of plastic, there was nothing cheesy about the BlueFlame. It was solid, had no flex or squeak to it and I think I could have run over it with my car with no ill effects.

Also in the package was one of BlueFlame’s Lightning sync and charge cables.


The outside covering on these cables are braided. This gives them a pleasant feel and keeps them from tangling. It also gives them some very appealing visual options. At CES they showed me where they were headed with this and I think that anyone will be able to find a cable they like the look of.

I love the fact that they offer these cables in 2 meter and 8 inch lengths. Sometimes I only want to take along just what I need. Refer back to the ziplock bag.

The cable was solidly made and provided great performance for both charging and sync.


Both the charger and the cable are a hit for me and they performed better than advertised. I love how small the package is on the charger and how well it did the simple job of charging up my communication devices. Not all the ones I have tested have fared so well.

BlueFlame is company with a very “designed and engineered” in America approach. They have a whole range of accessories that obviously have some thought put into them, rather than going and slapping their brand name on something that is already available. While they are making the product overseas, you can tell that they really care about what they are developing for the market place.

BlueFlame has gotten me just a little bit closer to my ideal of packing in a ziplock bag. I really appreciate that.

Now if I can only figure out how to get my gym shoes in there.

Highly recommended.

BlueFlame Just the Plug 2 $35

8 inch Sync and Charge cable $25

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