Dec 22 2012

Beyond Procrastination

What do you mean you haven’t started Christmas shopping yet? Do you have an epic Christmas Eve of commercial hedonism plotted to avoid a visit from Marley in the night?

Or are you aiming towards a collapse of equal proportion that will leave you in the doghouse with all of your friends and family? I can assure you that Aunt Gladys will strike your name from the will. Your wife’s protestations of “Don’t get me anything”, are a well meaning lie. Your boss…well it was a pretty measly bonus, so you can leave him (and that promotion) out anyway.

I can see in your eyes that you are nimble, tech savvy and can walk a careful middle path that will still keep your happy butt on a couch on Christmas Eve.

It is Gyft.com, a site for aetheric delivery of gift cards directly to the cozy confines of your besty’s smartphone.


You can buy a huge array of gift cards within the app (iOS or Android) and send them to people via email, text or Facebook. You can even upload plastic gift cards you have received and…ahem, find them a new home. Yes, I am a regifter.


Let’s see, nerdy and lazy…yup , that is me.

If you match me Gyft might just be your thing and right now, they will put $10 on your account just for signing up.

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