Jun 17 2011

Best Buy Express


OK, I am a self confessed techno junkie. I have to have my toys even if I do try to claim that they are productivity tools! Sometimes the tech addiction, and my keen journalistic interest in delivering you valid info, drives me to odd extremes.

While I have seen these Best Buy kiosks at airports and hotels when I have been traveling, I can’t say that I have ever actually considered buying anything in one.

So, on a lark, I took a closer look. Lo and behold, there is actually something in this automaton I am interested in.

The Powermat dual charger is actually something that I could have used this week as I daily killed my phone battery at a trade show.


So, click, swipe, whoosh. I went through the steps, provided my credit card and watched the robotic arm slide, pick and carry my charger to the drop box.

Then? Epic fail.

Cage knocks several off into the basket and it obviously trips an internal alarm.


The screen ASSURES me that while there was an error, my card has not been charged and displays this message.


Grrr. The frustrating thing is that now there are two of them in the box sitting there and it appears to have returned to normal operation.

What to do? Try one more time to buy something and return the extras to a Best Buy in my home town? Wait for someone else to come by and buy something and try to convince them the charger is mine (no reciept printed). I feel like I am in an episode of What Would You Do?

Someone is lurking in front of it now. Guess I will check and see if there is a tech support number on the machine.

This guy is buying something from the machine.

Looks like he had the same results. He is filling out the survey. Hope he rates Best Buy like they deserve.

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