May 28 2011

Best beach tech accesory

At the beach with the girls today. Sand, suntan lotion and water are highly unhealthy for a cell phone or iPod.

What is an unrepentant technophile to do? I suppose I could go all old school and carry a paperback or magazine down to the sandy shore.

Unfortunately, I don’t have either. Magazines are by definition out of date, even if they place a future date on the cover to confuse us.

Paperbacks require prior planning which I stink at.

I do almost all my reading on my phone or iPad now on the kindle or nook apps, so how can I read on the beach without killing my tech?

Why, a ziplock baggie of course! It may be the single most useful piece of “Just in case” you ever stuff in your bag.

Capacitive displays grace almost all modern smart phones today and they work perfectly through a plastic film. In fact, I am typing through one now!

So drag your Droid or iPhone to the beach but bring a Glad Ziplock as well.

Now if you will pardon me, I need a bit more SPF 15 and it is back to my book!

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