Jun 08 2011

Award Wallet Review

If you are doing your best impersonation of George Clooney in juggling 11 billion reward programs to try to take the sting out of your travel time with some “ME” travel time you may want to take a look at Award Wallet.

1,656,322 airline miles and counting!

It is a really slick service that allows you to track and maintain all of your loyalty programs out of a single interface. Additionally, it will cache all of your numbers and passwords so that you can launch any of the pages to manage your points without fumbling for passwords and account numbers.

Award Wallet interface screen

They also have a fairly active forum with tips from fellow travelers and an expert traveler thepointsguy. He has his own site at the link that covers lots of ways to maximize your frequent flyer points and minimize your point outlays.

There are a couple of features that are reserved for AwardWallet Plus customers in this Freemium service, but their approach is rather novel. You quite literally get to tell them what you will pay for 6 months worth of plus service. When that period ends they will nag you again.

Their mentality on this is posted on their website:

You are making the right choice by upgrading your account to AwardWallet Plus! By upgrading you will get more detailed reporting on some of your award programs and also you support our development efforts. AwardWallet.com is not a simple website that we can leave unattended. It always requires tuning to make sure it works with all the award program provider websites. Free projects do not last and therefore AwardWallet.com provides this new enhanced service to pay for the development and support of this site.

We will be charging our users on semiannual basis for this AwardWallet Plus service. It is your choice how much you think this service is worth to you, so there is no set price, you need to come up with one.

Really how could it be more fair? The free service gives you a great indicator of how well Award Wallet will work for you and you get to choose if you want the more advanced features like more detailed reporting AND how much you will pay for it!

There are free apps for both iOS and Android since you will likely be tracking this stuff while you are sprinting through an airport anyway! The extended services on these apps are $5 per 6 month period, although if you are already a “Plus” member you can elect to drive these functions from a web browser on your mobile device. Although supported on the Apple devices, it seems from my poking that the auto login to your loyalty programs website is not currently integrated into the Android version so you will have to use that function via a mobile web browser.

Really though, this is way more than try before you buy as you get tons of functionality in the free version and you can choose to upgrade if you want. No down side! I like that equation! Click here if you want to try out Award Wallet and their excellent service!

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