Dec 31 2011

Apple TV Apps


From 9 to 5 Mac this is the possibility that would really push AppleTV over the edge for me.

The platform is cool and the ability to share media in your iTunes library makes for some nice functionality. Mirroring from an iPhone 4s or an iPad 2 makes this a really nice presentation piece.

There are real limitations as well. The lack of Hulu support and lack of expansion make it less appealing than something like  Rokuor even a computer hooked directly to your TV.

The success of iOS, even according to Apple’s marketing has much to do with the wealth of the developer community and the huge range of apps that are available.

For AppleTV, which is at its core an iOS device, not so much.

How much more appealing would the platform be if it could run even a subset of the stuff on the App Store? I think the answer is IMMENSELY more appealing.

While there is much speculation around the launch of an iTV based on some of Steve Job’s comments, the ability to open up this platform will buy them a bunch of market share to set them up beautifully for that launch.

So what do you think Apple?  Throw us a freakin’ bone!

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