Feb 17 2012

Apple March Mania

College hoops has March Madness and apparently Apple is trying to compete with their own attempt to froth the buying public into a complete dither.

From 9to5Mac the celebration of the 25 billionth download is upcoming and some lucky punter is going to win a $10,000 iTunes card. You can enter without downloading anything here.

After that we have the impending March 7th Apple “event” that is rumored to herald the announcement of everything from the iPad3 (likely), to a scaled down 8 inch iPad (less likely) to the announcement that Apple is buying Twitter (remotely likely) to Apple’s announcement that they are buying China to solve their Foxconn worker issues (OK, I made that one up).

The WSJ even has an article on the flurry of trade-ins as people are preparing for the release of the iPad3. Yes, the mania is all encompassing!

To top it all off, OSX Mountain Lion looks and acts more like iOS all the time and it is stalking in the shadows waiting to pounce!

So expect the lines to start building, the Samsung commercials to build some snark and the tech community’s dither factor to increase over the next 2 weeks.

Then on March 8th we will start talking about the iPhone6 and the iPad4. Stuff that is shipping is so 27 seconds ago!

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