May 27 2013

Antagonized by Comcast

Is there anything more arrogant than the cable company?

I have listened to my wife talk to customer support at Comcast for over three hours to try to adjust our plan to be billed correctly. We would like the silly price that they advertise for cable TV.

“Sir, we only offer that price to people who have High Speed internet service with us as well.”

Um, yes, I do have internet through you Comcast.

“I will have to transfer you to another department.” Repeat this phrase, ad infinitum.

The longer I listened the more annoyed I became. I told her to cancel the service (which we have already reduced to the absolute minimum) and we would just watch Netflix and Hulu. Her only hesitation is that she really wants access to local TV stations and real-time news.

So, I ordered a HDTV over the air antenna to see how well it would work.


I think it may finally be time to kick the cable TV completely to the curb.

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