Sep 26 2013

Alas, Poor Pocket Monkey

Pocket Monkey…I barely knew you.

You cannot argue with the TSA. They are right…just ask them. And the smaller the airport, the more “vigorous” the enforcement.

I have written ad nauseum about my addiction to multi-tools and my sadness at not being able to carry one on a plane. I mean, I just NEED one, right?

I thought I had solved my problem with the Pocket Monkey, but the TSA supervisor at FWA had other ideas this morning, even though I had carried the Monkey through this airport before, several times.

He informed me that this portion was considered a blade because it was sharpened, so I could not carry it on the plane.


I understand that they have a job to do, but really? I mean, really? This is a half inch of “blade” that is just barely sharp enough to nick a banana.

What I have discovered is that you cannot have a reasoned conversation with a TSA agent. They have a certain amount of discretion in interpreting the rules, but I am reasonably sure that I could not do anything damaging on this plane with the Pocket Monkey, other than tighten the screws on my seat back tray table.


I will miss poor my friend Dieter the Pocket Monkey.

I am now open for new suggestions on the next piece I can try to carry on a plane, to save lives and defend freedom.

Oops, there go my self-righteous histrionics again.

As I said, please leave me some suggestions in the comments section for other things to try to carry legally onto a plane.


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